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Office Opening in Novi Sad

Office Opening in Novi Sad
Thursday, 2 July, 2015
Event details: 

We proudly announce opening of a new design center, second in Serbia, located in Novi Sad.

Idea about design center in Novi Sad is already present for some time, still, several months of preparation and implementation was needed for this idea to become reality.

New design center, starting with experienced members in the area of ASIC Design and Verification, will give additional boost to our growth and expertise.

The vision of the development of Novi Sad is based on the 11 years of EEE business and organizational experience. Our goal is to use the potential of Belgrade and Novi Sad resource market in winning new business opportunities and technically demanding projects. Together, we will be able to respond to the increase of demands and needs as seen as of today and in coming months and years (complexity of new projects, sales activities – ELSYS Eastern Europe, ELSYS Design, ELSYS America).

We wish the Novi Sad team a warm welcome to ELSYS Eastern Europe!