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Serbia Robotics Contest, Novi Sad

Serbia Robotics Contest, Novi Sad
Saturday, 25 April, 2015
Novi Sad
Event details: 

One of ELSYS Eastern Europe activity is supporting education system in Serbia and encouraging the practice of sciences among young engineers, to be innovative and proactive during their studies. This Year our company extends partnership with School of Electrical Engineering in Belgrade through supporting its participation in EUROBOT competition. ELSYS Eastern Europe supported three faculty teams, by mentoring and providing equipment which were necessary for building robots.

During February we had with all three teams interactive workshop “Digital design FPGA implementation in safety critical systems” where we emphasized importance of project management and planning verification of all system features by following V-CYCLE.

Eurobot is an international amateur robotics contest, open to young people, organized either in student projects or in independent youth science clubs. The robots built for this contest are autonomous.

Through technical skills and project management, the Eurobot contest highlights values such as fair-play, solidarity, knowledge sharing and creativity. The main goal of this event is to encourage youth to practice robotics with fun, by offering them an unforgettable technical and human experience. Each year, a new theme is defined, with original actions to perform and a 100% self-made robot to build. Project management, task sharing, autonomy, team spirit and experimentation are the core values to achieve one's project and be ready to compete on the D-Day.

Eurobot and its national qualifications always take place in a friendly and cross-cultural atmosphere.

The Eurobot contest takes place in Europe but is open to all the countries worldwide, within the limit of three teams per country. Countries with more than three national teams have to organize a national qualification, at the conclusion of which three teams are qualified for the international final. The organization of Eurobot and its national contests require the good will and participation of many volunteers in several countries.