#  Design Automation Conference 2017 | ELSYS Eastern Europe

Design Automation Conference 2017

Design Automation Conference 2017
Monday, 19 June, 2017 to Tuesday, 20 June, 2017
Austin, Texas, USA
Event details: 

We will attend DAC Austin on ARM stand (booth #729), as ELSYS Eastern Europe has recently been selected as ARM approved design partner!

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ARM Design Partner Booth @ DAC 2017

The Design Automation Conference (DAC) is recognized as the premier conference for design and automation of electronic systems.

On Tuesday June 20, from 2 to 6pm, Radomir Jovanovic, the ELSYS Eastern Europe CEO, and Pascal Barioulet, Managing Director for ELSYS America, will attend the event on the ARM approved design partner booth. They will be available to discuss design partnerships around ARM-cores.

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ARM Panel

On Monday June 19th at 3 pm on the ChipEstimate booth, Pascal Barioulet Pascal Barioulet on Linkedin will participate to the panel discussion entitled "Identifying the major challenges facing SoC designs before 2020".

Pascal Barioulet

Come and listen to ARM Approved design partners debate what they consider will be their major challenges in SoC design over the next three years. The design partners will draw upon their own experiences of dealing with increasingly complex technology, customer’s growing expectations and the challenges of new sectors such as IOT to identify the main issues. The partners will also be asked to share what steps they think should be taken to address the problems they have highlighted.

The discussion will last for an hour and will be chaired by Chris Shore, ARM Technical Director.

ELSYS Eastern Europe Selected as ARM Approved Design Partner

ELSYS Eastern Europe, represented in the USA by ELSYS America, joined the ARM Approved Design Partner Program. This program was created by the world’s leading semiconductor IP company to help its customers make their ARM-based product succeed in their chosen market.

To get more information about ELSYS America semiconductor offer, or schedule a meeting during DAC, you can contact Pascal Barioulet at pb@elsys-america.com.