Fifteen years ago we set out on a journey to create a “company that will imagine the technologies of the future”. We are entering year 2020. as a regional leader with close to a thousand talented engineers in our network.

ELSYS Eastern Europe is a services company specializing in the design of electronic systems as well as in the development of embedded & application software. From its technical center in Belgrade, Serbia, ELSYS Eastern Europe supports well-known international corporations, as well as mid-size highly specialized companies. With several years of work on cutting edge technologies, we have acquired in-depth knowledge and have numerous experts capable of providing solutions to highly complex architectures.

Well balanced between senior and junior engineers, ELSYS Eastern Europe is the perfect match for corporations looking for cost effective, competitive technology solutions. Fully owned subsidiary of ELSYS Design, a French based company, expert in the design of electronic systems, ELSYS Eastern Europe provides a range of cost effective design services that complement those of its mother company. ELSYS Eastern Europe has the ability to quickly staff and ramp up engineering teams for large projects, while complying with the ISO-9001:2008 standard.

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