A world-class semiconductor company is within your reach.

In fact, it’s right here in Serbia. Elsys Eastern Europe takes on some of the global problems on a fundamental level – by verifying silicon chips that sit at a very core of everything from entertainment to space industry, and even healthcare. Just the other day our engineers developed a chip for a device that will help people who have difficulties accessing a regular hospital. Creating products for the future is rewarding work.


You hear the term cutting edge often, but rarely is it more in place than when you put your smarts and ideas on a technology that will hit the market in two or three years. We are one step ahead of everyone, verifying the future.

There is always a place for bright new minds in one of our teams. Here is a list of all the open positions within our company. Seek out the expertise that inspires you and let the passion lead you to excellence.


Need a helping hand from some of the best engineers around?

As any expert will tell you – it’s that moment when you step out of your comfort zone that you really start learning. But when your colleagues are some of the best engineers around, these challenges are easier to overcome, don’t you think? It’s as if you are preparing for an important exam, but you have a bunch of professor-grade students helping you out. An internship at Elsys Eastern Europe comes with a mentorship program, lab practice, lectures and work on an actual commercial project. It’s time to put the theory into practice at a place where your ideas and smarts matter.

Scholarship: TWO IN ONE

Thesis or practice – why not both?

Our offer is simple and fair: your graduation thesis and a chance to work on a real commercial project, both done at the same time! The offer includes a scholarship with no contract obligation and no strings attached. This unique chance to work with a world-class semiconductor company based in Serbia comes with full backing of the professors. At Elsys Eastern Europe we can give you guidance through a mentorship program, lab practice, consultations, and a chance to work on a real, commercial project.

Our teams

A special message for students from our team leaders.

We have four major teams here at Elsys EE. What are they all about? What’s the focus of their day-to-day work? To tell you the truth, sometimes we wonder these things as well. So we asked our team leaders to give you all the relevant information you need about joining their ranks. This text is particularly interesting if you are looking to start your career at Elsys, as the team leaders have listed all the benefits and specifics of their expertise.

Life at Elsys

Okay, but what’s it really like to work here?

Do we run a sweatshop or do we play ping-pong whole day? What kind of people work in Elsys EE: are they young, are they boring, what’s the dress code? What do the offices in Belgrade and Novi Sad look like? We give you behind-the-scenes look at our day-to-day work, a list of benefits, video reports and testimonials from some of our colleagues.

We can’t wait to